Life is motion and we are designed to move.

At Triune Osteopaths, we see each and every patient as an individual.

We simply cannot function optimally and issues arise if we don't move often. Issues can arise on different levels, whether it be the peripheral joints or the spine, blood flow or nerve supply.

Patients come to us for wide range of treatments including:

neck & back pain, headaches, aching joints and more.

We treat people of all ages and we specialise in paediatrics. 

In this modern world of working behind a computer, the effects of being sedentary are really common.

Each person has their own unique history which has brought them to where they are today.

As such, there is no pre-prescribed approach to patient care. Each treatment plan is worked through in conjunction with the patient, taking into consideration what is realistic and achievable, so that together, we can achieve the results you are looking for.

We aim to empower you with good health. 

Ultimately, by the end of the treatment process, we want you to be in a position where you fully understand what has gone wrong and why, and give you the tools to help yourself.

Our role, as we see it, is to get you to a point where you can self-manage as much as possible. But of course, we will always be here to assist and provide support when you need us.

No two people are the same.

Everyone has got their own unique presentation.

For example there might be multiple people presenting with a lower back problem, but the details of which vary a lot from person to person.

Genetics, use of self in our environment, attitudes, lifestyle and traumas, are just some of the crucial ingredients that make us who we are as individuals.

We still feel humbled that people come to us for osteopathy treatment with wide ranging conditions, trusting that we can help them - often, when they are in quite vulnerable situations. It's not easy to place your trust in others when at a low ebb, so we take our job really seriously. Learn more about the Triune team here.

We love people and wake up excited about going to work!

We treat a wide range of conditions, on those ranging from newborn to elderly.

Our ideal patient is somebody who comes in with an open mind. They are open to change and to challenging themselves to put into practice a way of being that might be quite different from how they have been.

All new habits we recommend aim to make you healthier and ultimately happier!

Patients come to us with everything from neck and back pain, to aching peripheral joints or headaches, non-musculoskeletal symptoms and much more besides.

But what we feel it all boils down to is people suffering from the effects of being sedentary.

In this modern world of working behind a computer, symptoms associated to a sedentary life are really common. It encompasses all the things that come from poor posture. Usually it is the upper back and neck that are affected, frequently causing tendonitis issues in the arms and shoulders, plus the headaches that come along with that.

We treat all kinds of people, and our practice has a particular focus on paediatrics - starting with newborns.

  • We treat birth trauma issues that may arise following having a cesarian delivery, ventouse deliveries and forceps deliveries - all of which can be much more traumatic than people think. They produce a very specific, common set of symptoms and issues for not only the baby, but the mum as well.

  • Following on from birth, we treat colicky or distressed babies and generally babies not thriving.

  • Then as toddlers, we can help little ones not reaching milestones or experiencing poor coordination, ear nose and throat issues, recurrent ear infections, sinus infections or recurrent colds. All of these conditions may respond well to Osteopathy.

  • Sudden growth spurts can lead to children becoming somewhat uncoordinated or clumsy, as not all parts of their bodies have ‘caught up’. As such, osteopathic treatment may help the child to integrate the effects of growth and development, both on a musculoskeletal level, and in terms of their ability to learn.

Our practice is known for being gentle and using non-invasive techniques. We help people recover post trauma or from invasive experiences such as surgery.

We want to get you back to living your life as healthily and freely as possible.

Our practitioners Andy Gibson and Bhakti Hargovan have many years’ experience in practice and have undertaken extensive post-graduate training in Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand. This means we are well placed to provide you with the right kind of osteopathic care, using cranial and structural osteopathy tailored to your requirements.

In no particular order, here are just a few of our success stories ...

We've had parents come to us when their children are booked in for surgery (often grommets), thinking they would get an Osteopathic treatment in the meantime to help ease the condition. After treatments like these we always recommend getting a reassessment before surgery to see whether the condition is persisting or not.

On a number of occasions their ear tests have come back normal! 

No surgery required.

We've had similar results with orthopedic issues, such as spinal surgery required that has been booked in, but with Osteopathic treatments in the meantime they have not needed to go in for that surgery.

It also often comes down to the the day to day stuff.

When you’ve got mums with distraught babies, for whatever reason, mum is distraught, the family doesn’t function well - it affects mum, dad, and siblings. The whole family isn't happy and when you get resolution with the little ones, no one is more grateful than mum! 

That's a situation we deal with on a day-to-day basis, and the feeling that you've changed a whole family unit in such a positive way never wears thin.

We've also had amazing results dealing with Autism.

We had a child who was first treated at about 10 years old. On the first consult he wouldn't even look at me. No eye contact, barely verbal, and hard to engage in conversation.

Then, over a period of months it progressed to the point where he would come in and high-five Andy, make eye contact and they could talk about things. It was a complete turnaround. From a boy who found being in the same room as someone he didn’t know very confronting and difficult, to him saying he was looking forward to coming and bringing things with him that he wanted me to see. Just a huge transformation in his comfort levels and ability to express himself in an appropriate and social way.

Last but not least, we've worked with Olympic athletes!

Andy was the Osteopath for the NZ windsurfing team at the world champs in the mid-nineties. Both men and women, Barbara Kendall and Aaron McIntosh, got golds and Andy was working on them every day of the campaign.